Branch Office Set Up in Canada

You want a broadder presence in Canada by establishing a Branch Office, we will assist You. Please contact us.


Branch Management in Canada

You seek effective Customer Service in Canada and want us to manage Your Branch. Please contact us.


Product Distribution Facilitation

We can help You find a reliable Distributor adding value to Your Business by utilizing an established distribution network.


New/ Used Machinery Search in North America

If You are a Manufacturer or Supplier and are looking for used/ unused machinery, we will help You find reliable sources and the best equipment that You want at competitive prices.


Business Agency Representation

You want to be represented by an active Agent to promote Your goods or services, look no further. Do let us know and we will present the best options for Your consideration and decision.


Work as Client's Employees in Canada/ USA

We can arrange for competent dedicated or part-time resources to work as Your contract employees or consultants in Canada and the US. Please contact us with Your requirement and we will provide You with personal profiles/ resumes for Your consideration and approval.


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